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The Israel Security Review is a professional partner of Condor Security Enterprises.

ISR operates as an independent source devoted to bringing security professionals the latest written and visual literature in different sectors of security.

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ISR Solutions

ISR centralizes advanced solutions that are found to be effective in different theatres of life and exposes them to security professionals that are at the forefront of saving lives. Our vast array of solutions are delivered through dedicated articles, practical exercises, professional reviews, documentaries, attack scenarios and simulations. 

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ISR Staff

Our staff is composed of Israeli Security Operatives from the Israeli Security Apparatus as well as Top International Security Experts that are active operatives of their national and international security establishment.

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Condor Books

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  • Cover-Condor-Defense-System-Shop 1
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    The best of Combat
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  • Cover-The-Human-Programmer 1
    The Human Programmer

E-Delivery Solutions

e-Delivery solutions are supplied in various ways, including GoToWebinar by Citrix Online.

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Experts Challenge

Each month, one scenario will be chosen and the winner will receive a 50% reduction in a course conducted by our partner Condor Security.

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The Condor Publications has a wide range of academic and practical knowledge in the field of security by gathering and offering written materials produced by Condor’s various security departments.

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Become a Member

5359 051105 74469.thlISR is proud to announce the opening of the Executive Security Club especially designed for active members of the law enforcement community, homeland security, first responders, combat instructors, intelligence operatives, heads of security departments, corporate security and self defense specialists. 


Photo Gallery

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